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Absent From the Body, Present With the Lord?

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I have consistently been told when you pass on in this human body, you promptly go to paradise and into the Lords' holding up arms or into His quality. This is a normally utilized comfort articulation for the individuals who are lamenting over the passing of a friend or family member. It is a pleasant idea, yet is it valid?

I have a couple of questions. Where in the Bible does it say we ever go to paradise? It says there will be another sky and another earth, however do we go to paradise? Shouldn't something be said about soul rest? Shouldn't something be said about sheol, hades and the grave? It is designated unto man to live, incredible at that point stand judgment. The Bible doesn't state we get the chance to sit tight for Judgment day within the sight of the Lord.

A great many people think "hellfire" is a red hot spot of torment and discipline. They erroneously partner the "pool of fire" with "damnation". Damnation is deciphered from the Greek word: hades (which means spot of the dead or the grave). Paul anticipated being restored at His coming and getting his eternal body. For what reason would Paul search for revival at Yeshuas' subsequent coming on the off chance that he figured he would go to paradise when he kicked the bucket?

For what reason would all the New Testament authors be anticipating the subsequent coming on the off chance that they realized their genuine expectation was to be in His essence when they kicked the bucket? On the off chance that I hear the catchphrase "missing from the body, present with the Lord" significantly more, I believe I will be sick. Does anyone ever try to peruse the remainder of the stanzas? Paul clearly didn't think upon death we go quickly to the Lord. Pauls' following articulations partner being missing from the human body and present with the Lord on Judgment Day "after" the Lords' subsequent coming!

Paul explicitly educated the Thessalonians the individuals who dozed (dead devotees) still have a similar any expectation of restoration as we who are living. The dead will rise "first", at that point we which are alive and remain will be up to speed with them... Paul didn't give them the impression the dead adherents had ventured out in front of the staying living devotees into the Lords' quality!

On the off chance that all the dead adherents have been in the Lords' quality since they passed on, what reason would it serve for the Lord to pop them once again into the grave? Just to have them raise right retreat from the grave to be in His essence by and by? Wouldn't it be progressively happy for us if the exact opposite thing we recall is our final gasp in this body? The before we know it, we are ascending to the trumpet sound in a superior body meeting Him in the mists!

At the point when the Lord revealed to Martha her sibling Lazarus would rise and live once more, she previously got Lazarus (and all adherents) would rise and live again in the restoration, on the "most recent day". (John 11:23, 24)

I concede this is a hazy area, yet there isn't a smidgen of proof in any event, suggesting we go promptly to the nearness of the Lord when we bite the dust as adherents. The proof is fairly despite what might be expected.

As per Sumerian records, Nergal was the chairman of the underground mines in Southern Africa from which the idea of Hell in Christianity infers. He was known as Hades In Greek Mythology, the divine force of the black market and the lord of the dead. A large portion of the divine forces of the 'Place of Enlil', who grounded the Brotherhood of the Gold, were living in Sumer, otherwise called 'Ki-Engi', presumably signifying 'the terrains of the Lords on Earth'.

Nergal was the just one of the 'Place of Enki' (child of Enki) who became individual from the fellowship subsequent to wedding Enlil's granddaughter Ereskigal. Their residence Southern Africa was encompassed by seven dividers, seeing of the extraordinary significance of the spot. Enki was called 'Ptah', the engineer, in Egypt after the perplexity of the tongues by Enlil. The 'Place of Ptah', 'Ha-ka-Ptah' offered name to the Greek 'Egyptos' from which 'Egypt' infers. 'Sumer' is, incidentally, not 'Sumerian' however Akkadian, alluding to the terrains of the Enlilites ('Ki-Engi').

While every one of the divine beings utilized human slaves as workers, the Brotherhood of the Gold utilized them as gold diggers as well. They used to choose youngsters and ladies and convey them to Nergal, the incredible 'shopper' of slaves. One of them was Nannar, the legislative leader of Ki-Engi (Sumer). Nannar is otherwise called Sin, the moon god. His image was the bow moon later embraced as the image of Islam. His notoriety for being 'slave provider' figured out how to endure and discover its way into Christianity. He should be the lead celestial host Michael who gathers the spirits of the dead and conveys them to different heads for 'judgment'.

Despite the fact that Christianity includes numerous legendary and agnostic customs, the obligations of Michael in the Christian culture begin from genuine occasions. The deliverer of excavators (by pontoon as Charon or not) turned into the deliverer of spirits. Articulations like 'we need to go when the lead celestial host Michael calls', or 'when St Michael wants the spirit' are not strange among Christians. The chose people were taken to work in the mines for the remainder of their lives and considered as dead. A great many years after Nannar sent the principal captives to dive gold in the black market, the Christians still accept that he is the one (under his new way of life as Michael, signifying 'he who resembles god') who will come and save their spirits from the foe! It is accepted that solitary the dead can see Michael's face and along these lines he is frequently delineated without face in numerous Christian places of worship!

The 'Holy person' without face chosen uncounted youngsters and ladies and conveyed them to a position of no arrival. Different lead celestial hosts executed individuals and wrecked urban communities, made plagues that decimated each living thing, or terminated their rockets at blameless individuals. We locate no huge contrast between the detestable Hades and the 'great' holy messengers! The incredible provider of slaves, Sin, has been proclaimed as 'Holy person' by the Church fathers, something we accept is, at any rate, generally unintelligent. His new designation and his new name can't facilitate the weight of his malicious activities against people. St Michael and different blessed messengers are firmly associated with the Gold Mission of Yahweh!So far, the aftereffects of the Gold Mission have been huge gainful for the divine beings yet absolutely heartbreaking for mankind!

As per the Catholic Encyclopedia, St Michael should 'battle against Satan'. In the event that we think about that the word 'Satan' is a defilement of the Arabic word 'Shejtan' signifying 'foe', 'opponent', at that point St Michael is battling against his and Enlil/Yahweh's foe, for example another god. He is likewise considered as the benefactor of the congregation and, during the medieval times, the supporter of the sets of knights! In Greek Liturgy he is considered as 'Archistrategos', signifying 'Head of the Army'. The Catholic Encyclopedia says:

'It would have been normal to St Michael, the boss of the Jewish individuals, to be the boss additionally of Christians, giving triumph in war [emphasis added] to his customers'. Additionally from the Catholic Encyclopedia we read that Nannar/Michael likewise impacted the Emperor Constantine. In another article we guarantee that Yahweh and his heavenly attendants selected Constantine as their specialist to verify the fate of the new religion. From the Catholic Encyclopedia: 'At Constantinople in like manner, St. Michael was the incredible wonderful doctor. His key asylum, the Michaelion, was at Sosthenion, somewhere in the range of fifty miles south of Constantinople; there the chief heavenly messenger is said to have appeared to the Emperor Constantine'. Constantine, just as each other of the early Church fathers, asserted that he acted by God's will. It would have been increasingly proper on the off chance that he had said that he acted by the desire of the divine beings!

Joshua 5:13-15: 'And it happened, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, see, there stood a man over against him with his sword attracted his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our foes? Also, he stated, Nay; yet as chief of the host of the LORD [emphasis added] am I currently come. Furthermore, Joshua fell all over to the earth, and did love, and said unto him, What saith my Lord unto his hireling? What's more, the chief of the LORD's host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the spot whereon thou standest is blessed. Also, Joshua did as such.' Note that Joshua expect that the man was one of his own or maybe one of his adversaries. Be that as it may, nay, he was the administrator of the military promptly acknowledged by Joshua! The way that Joshua accepted that the heavenly attendant could be one of the adversaries, Anakim was one of the foes, witness that the Anakim were not mammoths as the Bible cases but rather impeccably customary looking individuals. Despite the fact that he educates Joshua that the spot is currently 'blessed', he doesn't clarify why, and Joshua removes his shoes! The chief of the military of God (Israel signifies 'Fighters of God) is likely the lead celestial host Michael, the planner behind the Christian religion. St Michael is something of a unicum in Christianity. He is the main outsider (every one of the heavenly attendants were outsiders, individuals from the Gold Mission of Enlil/Yahweh/God) who has been announced as holy person by the Christian Church. His portrayal by symbols in the Christian Church (with or without face) is a logical inconsistency to the precept 'don't make any pictures'.

No other god or human has been respected with such a significant number of appellations. The generally legendary moon god was abruptly had all the earmarks of being the benefactor of the Church and knights, the rescuer of spirits, the Chief of the military of the two Jews and Christians. While all the realized holy people have either passed on a characteristic dead or been murdered, there is no record about St Michaels' demise and this is well as per the nonappearance of such data about Nannar, the dad of Inanna/Aphrodite, the goddess of war. In a similar way the Enlilites drove the Gold Mission as a family organization; the foundation of Christianity was a family venture for the Gold Mission.


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