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Earthquakes, Hurricanes and the Midpoints - Uranian Astrology

On Tuesday, August 23rd, a quake with a size of 5.8 happened in Richmond VA at 1:51PM, EDT. This tremor was felt in 22 states. Monday evening, August 22, at 11:46PM, MDT, (1:46 am, EDT) a 5.3 tremor struck Denver, CO, only 12 hours before east coast seismic tremor.

As a crystal gazer I went to my PC in the wake of hearing what occurred and as a uranian celestial prophet, I moved everything to my 90 degree dial. The image was completely clear, Mars was squaring Zeus and both were at the midpoint of Saturn and the Admentos hub. This planetary picture converts into "the earth burped". It is ideal that the earth didn't flatulate simultaneously or we would have been in a tough situation. Mars Zeus is to touch off, and the Saturn Admentos vitality made a bottleneck. This planetary picture deciphers an activity or action that causes impossible challenges. Another planetary blend happening simultaneously was the Uranus/Admetos midpoint which approached the cardinal hub/Neptune.

December Forecast - Part Two - Uranian Astrology's Viewpoint

The fifteenth has the Sun 45 to Poseidon, a day that presents otherworldliness and a great deal of imploring. The explanation? Today we will experience Sun + Saturn = Hades, and distress and misfortune is the subject of this planetary picture. Sun/Mercury +Pluto/Kronos = Saturn shows that the present methodology is bargain or lose. This message particularly identifies with an amazing pioneer, and as of now it has to do with the issue of medicinal services. Likewise, numerous managers are surveying their benefits and misfortunes.

The sixteenth brings another moon that is still semi-figuring out Poseidon and midpoint both Neptune/Vulcanus and Jupiter/Apollon. This proposes you slice back your blessing rundown to those in your close to family, giving companions and neighbors treats or a jug wine. Mercury will be midpoint the moon's Node and Pluto and 22 1/2 to Uranus. Mingling today or this evening can bring new similar associations that can add energy to your life.

On the seventeen…

Cell Phone Inferno - The Sins and Sinners of Cell Phone Use (According to Dante)c

Remote Hades: the transgressions and heathens of mobile phone manners infraction as per Dante

The previous evening, I imagined that Dante of Divine Comedy distinction had abruptly returned to life. Also, that he had a PDA. His strategic to have me compose a reference section to the Inferno, in which a spot in Hades and a remote discipline would be doled out to various kinds of mobile phone manners violators, contingent upon the gravity of their media transmission sins.

In my fantasy, Dante lead my by the hand and went about as my guide through the frightening circles of remote Hades. There, we experienced the different mobile phone client types that meander our roads and remote wireless transmissions, liable of a wide range of PDA socially awkward act. What's more, this is what the incomparable Florentine writer and savant disclosed to me about every one of them, as we slipped further and more profound into the chasm of mobile phone decorum infraction.

The main gathering we met i…

The Legend of Stingy Jack and the Halloween Turnip

Its nearly Halloween! On the off chance that you end up strolling down a forlorn, dim, foggy street on All Hallow's Eve, in Ireland, and you see an unearthly light and a diminish figure drawing closer, the best thing you can do is pivot and hurriedly go the other way. You have encountered Stingy Jack and his Halloween Turnip.

Closefisted Jack was a horrendous individual. A metal forger in terms of professional career, he invested the majority of his energy tricking, lying, and taking from the nearby workers and any unwary guest awful enough to interact with him. At the point when he wasn't being a horrendous individual, he was at the nearby bar turning into an unpalatable boozer.

His notoriety spread. He got renowned for his capacity to work individuals out of their life reserve funds. His "silver tongue" got incredible.

Indeed, even the Devil began catching wind of Stingy Jack and he didn't care for what he heard. He was the "well-spoken Devil" would …

Underworld Journey: Comparative Study Between Aristophanes' The Frogs and Virgil's Aeneid (Book VI)

The plunge to the black market is a mytheme of relative folklore found in a various number of religions from around the globe, including Christianity. The legend or upper-world god adventures to the black market or to the place where there is the dead and returns, regularly with a journey object or a friend or family member, or with uplifted information. The capacity to enter the domain of the dead while still alive, and to return, is a proof of the old style legend's outstanding status as more than mortal.

Virgil, the best of every single Roman artist, displayed his perfect work of art, The Aeneid (30-19 BC), on the antiquated Greek stories the Iliad and the Odyssey, composed by Homer. Then again Aristophanes (448-385 BC), Athenian dramatist, is viewed as probably the best essayist of satire in scholarly history. The Frogs is one of his perfect works of art. The creativity of the plot, coincidental luxuries, the new and shimmering mind, the sensitive artistic analysis, the sweet…

Uranian Astrology Horoscope Forecast For Early May

There used to be a period that we taken a gander at the travels scanning for good days to start another business or purchase a house or vehicle, and found a couple of days that would work brilliantly. Presently we get up in the first part of the day take a gander at the travels and wish we could hit the sack and leave a reminder for when the travels improve. At the end of the day, the travels are more than troublesome and don't seem as though they are showing signs of improvement soon. Ideally they will improve in our lifetime.

May starts with a Saturn at the midpoint of Hades and Uranus and closures with Saturn going direct square Hades as Uranus at 0 Aries. On the off chance that you thought things were insane and temperamental previously, clutch your caps as Uranus goes to the cardinal hub, to be trailed by Jupiter. Saturn will be back on the cardinal hub to be trailed by Hades. Thus it is difficult for me to compose my month to month estimates, however I will attempt.

May fir…